5 Minutes to Create Your Branded Youtube Channel

Videos are the way going forward and if you haven't created any video yet , it is time to create. You can show your skills and earn money through monetising your youtube channel.

Creating a branded youtube channel is very simple. You can do in 5 minutes of your time. Watch this video to know how to create one.

Step 1: How to create branded youtube channel

Step 2:  Create youtube Icon, channel art and description

Once you have created your branded your youtube channel , you can create Youtube icon and channel art. It is easy once you login to Canva.com. It has vast variety of template and you can get benefited from.

Just watch the video to know more.

Step 3: Publish Your First Video

Once your channel is ready, you can start uploading your videos, don't worry about the quality of videos , it will improve as you go along.


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